Metallic buckets, motors, mini-pc, custom electronics and software.


Technoumenon: the transcendental digital object.

It is a realized fact that humanity's enthusiasm for exploring the digital realm has created a parallel chimerical dimension to the physical reality, while positioning the individual in a rather disorienting space; somewhere in-between nature and technology; oscillating in the middle of bits and atoms. This project is concerned with the emergence of perceived simulated/represented phenomena which arises from the digital non-observable; an exploration on how bits (abstract units of “information”) transmute into atoms and create meaning. For this, I propose an art installation that uses simple simulation and representational elements as validation of my newly developed idea of technoumenon; in other words a system that bridges the digital transcendental object (in its pure abstracted form; the bit) with the manifested phenomena perceived and interpreted by the human apparatus.

Five motorized pulleys will be installed on the ceiling of an empty space. Each of these holds a string with a metallic bucket hung from the other end. A centralized mini-computer generates a parallel flow of bits of data which are thrown randomly into each bucket (simulating/representing drops); the contact of this invisible digital particle triggers in each bucket a solenoid which subtly hits the metallic interior of the container; generating a “water-drop” sound. The central system holds information of the number of drops contained in each bucket and calculates its current weight. The motorized pulleys loose string as the buckets get virtually heavier.