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Accumulated Memory Landscapes: Real-time On-line 3D Landscapes Based on Prosthetic Memory Data:

This paper frames the conceptual workspace and development documentation of the art project titled Accumulated-Memory- Landscapes (AML). This project is an inquiry on how technology can mediate and enhance human memory by expanding the possibilities of interaction, experiencing and sharing of this. AML appropriates the 3 main steps involved in human memory (Encoding → Storage → Retrieval) and traces parallels between the biological human process and the technological devices and algorithms used for capturing, storing and recalling data. Using a portable wireless electroencephalogram (EEG) and a smart phone, we have built a wearable system able to measure attention levels in any given time. The device records significant moments of the wearer, in the form of image sequences and audio clips, which are then sent, in real-time, to a server that algorithmically processes them. The result is an immersive 3D procedural landscape built from these memories; a space where the wearer and any other individual can experience and share these accumulated memories in more abstract and spacial ways.

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