Brain Computer Interface, printer, custom software.

Performance / 2012

As computers grow in power and reduce in size, the human body and its natural biological capabilities seem to be obscured. Technology slowly leads the way into a new trans-human era where the uncorrupted, sacred, flesh and bone temple is enhanced by a completely new form of artificial intelligent systems. The boundaries between biological and artificial evolution are blurred by the integration of machines into our bodies and daily life activities.

Artistic practice is constantly questioned and challenged by this new intelligence; the genius of the artists and his/her way of transforming thoughts and emotions into unique art pieces progressively becomes obsolete under the shadow of technology.

(art<LESS) is a simple brain computer interface where brain activity taken by a sensor is recorded and used in real-time to produce and print unique drawings. The system is installed and made available for anyone who wishes to express his/her mental state and produce effortless, exclusive and unrepeatable art.

sample drawings